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Games, GAMES, GAMES!!!!!!!!

2008-03-26 11:12:25 by Frankmank

Working on some small games so I can earn some cash monies, so far i've started on an Action/Adventure RPG which is a lot like Earthbound, even artwork wise :V. Of course its all original artwork though.

Another is a Pizzeria type of those selling games where you have a waitress or some shit and click around for about an hour, but instead of that you use the arrow keys and space to prepare, serve, take a dump, etc etc. Might add a slight Sims type element with needs to spice it up x2. Currently i've only got the basic engine down and the artwork is coming along nicely. I started with gradients but holy fuck did it look bad, so I went back to my pixelated style and its looking good.

Below is the RPG, going to add grass and random doodads like rocks soonish so its not so plain. You can enter the house and go to your room etc, but nothings really solid except for the movement and boundary system.

(Ignore the shittiness of the jpeg.)

Games, GAMES, GAMES!!!!!!!!


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2008-08-12 11:45:05

Looks great so far, character looks awesome. This is something I'm looking forward to!


2008-08-14 14:38:32

Do you think i suck?
Or I'm mean?

Frankmank responds:

What? neither, you've helped me out numerous times.


2008-08-16 11:22:18



2008-09-22 13:09:09

I'm sorry.


2009-06-11 01:56:49

Damn U,shitness


2010-02-21 12:45:57

Your game looks awesome and fun!